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Last updated 2019-01-12

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I am a full stack developer with everything that it involves: database, backend and frontend development. I have 10+ years of software development experience. I spent a lot of time working with SQL Server. I had a chance to develop databases and do performance optimizations in Oracle. I can proudly say that I participated in several Java-based projects. I have experience with Spring and Hibernate. I feel comfortable playing with Java Script frameworks like AngularJS, Angular 2, jQuery, jQuery-UI. HTML and CSS are appealing to me as well. To make the picture complete, I have to add that I wrote a lot of tests in Sahi which is a test framework for user interface.

Most of the time I have worked in Agile methodologies. I advice teams about Scrum and act as Scrum Master.

As you can see when I call myself a full stack developer, it really means full :)

I have created this page to share my knowledge and thoughts about database technologies. Then, the idea evolved and now it is about almost all IT areas I am involved in. I believe there are some areas of my knowledge that can be useful for others.

I hope you enjoy my articles.



If you are interested in cooperation, please let me know by sending an e-mail to the address at the top of this page. You can read more about popularity of my blog in views and visitors in 2018.



However I have made my best to make all the content on this website accurate and true, I do not take a responsibility for any damages and loss caused by using information provided on this website.


Terms of Service

Terms of Service.