NPM errorToday I have encountered a problem with NPM. When I tried to install a new package, it returned me npm ERR! code ERR_STREAM_WRITE_AFTER_END. I would like to share the details and the solution for those of you who will see the same error.

Repeating actions with Spring Retry


Some operations in software systems are not reliable. Database operations may deadlock, sending an email may fail, a network request may not reach the destination etc. There is a chance that another attempt of the same action will succeed. It is recommended to wrap such operations with a retrying mechanism. Spring Retry is a library that makes it easy.

What is Kotlin?

kotlinPresentationIf you have not heard about Kotlin yet, you should watch this. Artur spoke on Devoxx Poland 2017 about this new language based on JVM and tried to convince the audience that it is better than Java. These 30 minutes will allow you to see were is the difference between Java and Kotlin. For live coding enthusiasts - there is live coding.


Logging configuration for Spring Boot (logback)

logWhen you start a project, you usually do not care about logging. Necessary information is printed to the console by default. That is usually enough for development but when you want to go with it to production, logging has to be configured. There are a few Java libraries that can handle logging like java.util.logging, Logback, Log4j, Jakarta Commons Logging. When you create a project based on Spring Boot Web Starter, Logback is added by default.

Code minification and cache-busting

cacheAsking users to clear cache in their browsers definitely is not something that you would like to do. How to make sure that browser's cache will not be a problem after deployment of the new application? It is unexpectedly easy with a proper Gulp plugin - cachebust.