successGitLab CI/CD is a strong competition to other Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or TeamCity. Besides using GitLab for managing your repository and GitLab CI/CD for running automated tests, you can do deployment to AWS EBS with GitLab as well.



deployment smallI know it seems weird to deploy two applications on one AWS EBS but there are really such cases when you might want to do that. I wanted and I succeeded. See how.



alertThe same application code, the same database engine but it works on one server, on another does not. Why?



webpackDevelopment in JavaScript would be incomparably easier without a bunch of issues that are caused by differences between browsers. Especially one of them that is always behind the others - Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, people still use it, even knowing that Microsoft released Edge which should replace IE. It is very likely that your JavaScript application will not work properly on IE11 unless you consciously take care of it. Welcome to IE11 hell.


webpackES6 with modules is preferred by webpack when writing JavaScript code. It means that one module has to export a function so mine could import it and use it. It works well unless the library does not follow ES6 modularity principles like jquery-ui.