Design patterns in examples - State

Active, inactive, saved, verified, sent, completed. Do they seem familiar? If so, you have had a potential use case for State design pattern. Would you like to learn it? Then, let's do it.


Design patterns in examples - Memento

Memento is a design pattern that represents one of the possibilities to implement save and restore functionality.

Although automatic watching for changes and rebuilding bundles is a great webpack feature that improves development, there is some more manual work that needs to be done before you see the result in the browser. I would like to show you how webpack-dev-server can help you.

alertThe same application code, the same database engine but it works on one server, on another does not. Why?



webpackDevelopment in JavaScript would be incomparably easier without a bunch of issues that are caused by differences between browsers. Especially one of them that is always behind the others - Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, people still use it, even knowing that Microsoft released Edge which should replace IE. It is very likely that your JavaScript application will not work properly on IE11 unless you consciously take care of it. Welcome to IE11 hell.