webpackBundling JS files was the first task that webpack did in the tutorial. That was easy because the bundling starts from entry points which are nothing else than JS files. My case was simple - each entry point was a single JS file. Unfortunately, that is not a common scenario. It often happens that one page depends on multiple JS scripts. Can webpack handle it?



webpackAlthough we already know how to bundle CSS files, many projects use more advanced solutions like SASS with SCSS files. That is not a problem - a proper loader for webpack solves this issue.



webpackTutorial for webpack 4 - part 05 - CSS


What would be a web application without styles? Even a small application used on production has defined colors, margins, fonts etc. I have to take them into consideration when bundling it with webpack. This time I will add CSS file to the package.



webpackIt is a table of contents of a tutorial for webpack 4. New paragraphs will be added once they are available.




webpackDo you remember how I removed a line with a script tag from the generated HTML file? I had to do it a few times in the previous articles. I have got bored. How about you? Today, I will use modes to overcome this problem.