Webpack tutorial - part 01 - introduction

webpackUntil a web application is at the development stage, you may ignore bundling modules. But when it goes to production, you start considering minification and reducing a number of requests for static resources to the server. Webpack is currently one of the most popular solutions for that.

Var, let and const in JavaScript

sunsetDo not declare variables in JavaScript with var. Use let or const instead. A natural question is what is the difference? All of this can be explained with a few examples.


NPM errorToday I have encountered a problem with NPM. When I tried to install a new package, it returned me npm ERR! code ERR_STREAM_WRITE_AFTER_END. I would like to share the details and the solution for those of you who will see the same error.

Code minification and cache-busting

cacheAsking users to clear cache in their browsers definitely is not something that you would like to do. How to make sure that browser's cache will not be a problem after deployment of the new application? It is unexpectedly easy with a proper Gulp plugin - cachebust.



Code minification with Gulp

minificationA year ago I discussed advantages and disadvantages of frontend code minification. My conclusion was to apply it until it is not extremely hard to do. This time, I am implementing it in a project that already uses Gulp. I have HTML, JS, CSS and PNG files on the website. Additionally, there are some files that are not directly displayed on any page but a user can download them so they should be included in the final package as well.