Six sins of forming Scrum Teams

teamsA Scrum Team is not just a set of random people that work in the same company. It is a specific group that meets a bunch of conditions. Rules and guidelines of Scrum Teams creation are well described by Scrum methodology. I have talked to different people about it over the years and I noticed that there is a set of common misunderstandings regarding Scrum Teams. If you look around, you may notice some of them.


Full-stack dev quiz question #31


It has been a while since the last question about testing. I will make it up to you. Thirty first questionis about testing practices.




Working software over comprehensive documentation

docDoes the title sound familiar? This is the second point listed in Agile Manifesto. Do you remember about it everyday at work? Do you really understand what it means and why it is so important? I am sure some of us do not because I have met two such persons in the last couple of weeks :)

Full-stack dev quiz question #30


Even a simple join between two database tables can be executed in a few different ways. Thirtieth question is about join implementations.




Questions about Java

quizIf you would like to review your knowledge about Java, I gathered questions from full stack dev quiz in this topic. It might be helpful before job interviews or just to check which knowledge area needs improvement.