Full-stack dev quiz question #37


Beauty of a website is in styles. Thirty seventh question is about stylesheets.




Views and visitors in 2018

chart smallLast year I published some statistics for dba-presents.com. Hundreds of people viewed it so there was some interest in it. It was also a chance for me to see how it looked in 2017. Both reasons convinced me to gather similar statisics for 2018. Join me in taking a closer look at it.


Full-stack dev quiz question #36


Do your colleagues make fun of you that you do not know Scrum? Show them they are wrong.




story points

Can I change a story estimate during a sprint?

This scenario happens to almost every team at some point in time. A user story is estimated to a relatively small value e.g. 1 Story Point. It is added to the Sprint Backlog during Spring Planning. When a developer starts working on it, it becomes obvious that the user story is bigger than 1 SP. Should the estimate be updated?

Full-stack dev quiz question #35


How about documentation in Agile? Thirty fifth question is about Agile Manifesto and documentation.