Working software over comprehensive documentation

docDoes the title sound familiar? This is the second point listed in Agile Manifesto. Do you remember about it everyday at work? Do you really understand what it means and why it is so important? I am sure some of us do not because I have met two such persons in the last couple of weeks :)

Why does refactoring matter?

refactoring infographic smallWhat is a new feature development cost? Why is it worth to refactor? Infographic by


Idea behind User Stories in Scrum

userStoriesThis video presentation is about User Stories in Scrum which is one of the most known Agile methodologies used in software development. Please sit down and relax. I am going to go back to the philosophy that stays behind User Stories. You will hear about User Stories prioritization, how to write them and you will understand the difference to Waterfall tasks.


Do not estimate bugs in Scrum!

bugEstimating in Scrum is a broad subject but it has already been well described and I think it is also well understood. However, there are some areas where I still observe tendencies to do it wrong. One of them is estimating bugs.



Sprint anti-patterns in Scrum

ScrumSprintsDo you feel your Scrum team does not work as it should? Do you have an impression that practicing Agile should be easier according to books and trainings but for some reasons your case is special? I have read a good article that lists some popular anti-patterns of doing Scrum sprints. Check it out. Probably you do some of them too. Locate them, educate yourself and fix them.