How user passwords should be stored in a database? Some systems keep them in cleartext, some encrypt them, some use hash functions. What must be done to ensure proper security for our users? Which hashing algorithms are good and which are bad?

Views and visitors in 2018

chart smallLast year I published some statistics for Hundreds of people viewed it so there was some interest in it. It was also a chance for me to see how it looked in 2017. Both reasons convinced me to gather similar statisics for 2018. Join me in taking a closer look at it.


Views and visitors in 2017

chart small2017 has just ended so it is time for summarizing what we have done. What has gone well and what should be done differently in the future. For it has been a successful year. Number of views and visitors has been increasing every year since the creation of this website. For the first time, I would like to publish some statistics.

Learning to fly

learningToFlyWhat does it take to learn a drone how to fly? This is a funny presentation about a serious topic - real time image recognition. It is mind opening for people like me who are ignorant in this subject. I definitely recommend it.


Why rewrites fail

rewriteEvery software system which does not fail soon enough, comes to a point where a team has to face a question how to get out of the complexity nightmare and change the architecture. The goal is to have a maintainable application where adding a new feature does not cause the product owner's headache. Let me tell you why you will fail if you decide to rewrite.