Database performance for Hibernate developers course

Database performance for Hibernate developers

Have you ever wondered why database operations in your application are slow? Is it because of the database or Hibernate or both? Is there anything that can be done to improve that? What are those mysterious database indexes? Does using Hibernate leave me no field for performance optimization?



During this course I will teach you performance optimization techniques that will give you a huge advantage in the Java programmers world.

No, you will not have to give up on Hibernate. It is a great tool. I like it too! Most performance issues with it are caused by inefficient usage, not by Hibernate itself. You can still let it do the dirty job for you and have a highly performant application at the same time.

Java developers too often avoid database topics. But some database knowledge can make your life incredibly easier. In this course, I focus on the aspects that will let you make a significant impact on a database performance with the lowest effort.

Let me show you how to take the best from Hibernate using some database knowledge to achieve high speed of database operations.

After this course, you will know how to combine database tricks with Hibernate best practices to build lightning speed software.

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What you'll learn

  • Know how to approach optimization
  • Use Query Execution Plan
  • Know which data types and why are preferred in a database for better performance
  • Avoid unnecessary type conversions in SQL queries
  • Efficiently use dictionary tables
  • Configure Hibernate to see executed database queries
  • Avoid reading data which is not needed
  • Eliminate n+1 problem in Hibernate
  • Understand a trade off when implementing flexible solutions
  • Properly implement data paging in Hibernate
  • Efficiently count rows and aggregating data
  • Update and delete multiple rows with a single request
  • Learn index structure and its impact on query performance
  • Choose the right index for a query
  • Use of multi column indexes
  • Learn the process of executing queries by a database
  • Take advantage of query parameters binding in Hibernate
  • Avoid long transactions
  • Restructure queries for better performance
  • Use indexes to support sorting rows and joining
  • Know when it is better to avoid Hibernate entities and how to use alternatives

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers using Hibernate that want to understand and improve efficiency of the database operations.
  • Software programmers that would like to understand database queries performance and tricks to improve them.
  • Developers that would like to use Hibernate in a more efficient manner.
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