join String array Java

Join string array in Java - performance

One of the most common programmatic tasks in Java is to join String array to a single String. It might be useful for logging an array content, or to build an SQL query, or for many more reasons. The point is - there is no single convenient solution supported by the language, but there are many options to concatenate multiple Strings into one. In this post, I will show you a few such options and I will execute simple performance tests to compare their efficiencies.

Google joins Adoptium

Google joins Eclipse Adoptium Working Group

In October 2022, Google announced joining Eclipse Adoptium Working Group. It is a significant step forward for Adoptium. That move will definitely increase popularity of Eclipse Temurin JDK as one of many Java Development Kit distributions.


factory method

Logic in constructor or static factory method

Logic in constructor or static factory methodstored procedure

Constructors in Java classes work well when they are simple. With growing complexity, the code becomes less readable. It gets worse and worse until it reaches a point when Java itself says enough! and rejects it. Can you put complex logic to a constructor? Is a static factory method an alternative?

rest api

Mocking REST API in AngularTS

Mocking REST API in AngularTSstored procedure

Sometimes, it is convenient to start implementing the frontend before having the backend ready. The backend does not expose an API, yet, but you want to proceed with the frontend development. How to mock REST API in AngularTS until the real API is ready?

list to map

Convert List to Map with Java Streams

Create stored procedure with SQL tag in Liquibasestored procedure

Java Streams are good for manipulating a collection of objects. A classic example of a collection that is often used for streams is a list. Rarely, but still sometimes, we want to transform a list to a map. See how.

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