split statements

Create stored procedure with SQL tag in Liquibase

Create stored procedure with SQL tag in Liquibasestored procedure

Stored procedures and functions can be easily managed through Liquibase Pro edition. Are we doomed when using the Community one? Oh, no. As with any other database change, it can be done using the <SQL> tag which can work with any SQL code. But Liquibase may complain on an SQL syntax error ...


update data from another column

Update data based on another column with Liquibase

Update data based on another column with LiquibaseUpdate data from another column

Database upgrades also involve data changes. One of the most popular ones are various data updates. If you have a static value known beforehand, it is simple. How about a dynamic value computed based on another column? How to tell Liquibase that col2 is not a value but a source column name?

Managing database versions with Liquibase and Spring Boot

Learn how to make database changes, manage various code versions and update different environments with Liquibase.

Do you want to stop frustration caused by manual database updates? Do you know that there is a free tool to help you out? If your answer is YES, it means that you might benefit from this course.

I start from the very beginning of using Liquibase. You should have some database and SQL knowledge. Basics of Java will increase your final satisfaction as I will also show you Liquibase integration with Spring Boot. I believe in practice so there will be mostly coding with some necessary theory. You will have many chances to try using Liquibase yourself because I included some exercises for you as well.

Get ready for an exiting journey to through Liquibase functionalities.

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Liquibase 3.6.x data types mapping table

data type mapping smallDesigning a database, you have to choose data types for columns. It is not neutral which one is used. When you use Liquibase, you use an additional abstraction layer as it has its own data types. They are mapped to data types proper to a specific database engine later during scripts execution process. Choosing a data type, you should keep in mind the final data type on your database engine.

How to fail Liquibase changeset when prerequisites are missing

How to fail Liquibase changeset when prerequisites are missing

checklistIndex creation should not start when there is not enough disk space. An old table should not be dropped until it is completely empty. A database upgrade may happen only if a DBA has changed a default value of some setting. Many database upgrades have some prerequisites. If they are not met, the whole change should not even start. You may write a checklist during development and follow it on the upgrade but there is a better way - preconditions in Liquibase.

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