Tutorial for webpack 4 - part 13 - live code replacement

Although automatic watching for changes and rebuilding bundles is a great webpack feature that improves development, there is some more manual work that needs to be done before you see the result in the browser. I would like to show you how webpack-dev-server can help you.

Tutorial for webpack 4 - part 12 - fix for IE11 problem

webpackDevelopment in JavaScript would be incomparably easier without a bunch of issues that are caused by differences between browsers. Especially one of them that is always behind the others - Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, people still use it, even knowing that Microsoft released Edge which should replace IE. It is very likely that your JavaScript application will not work properly on IE11 unless you consciously take care of it. Welcome to IE11 hell.


Tutorial for webpack 4 - part 11 - external JS library (jquery-ui)

webpackES6 with modules is preferred by webpack when writing JavaScript code. It means that one module has to export a function so mine could import it and use it. It works well unless the library does not follow ES6 modularity principles like jquery-ui.



Tutorial for webpack 4 - part 10 - watching for changes

webpackWebpack is executed multiple times during standard development. Whenever I change an SCSS file, I have to run the whole webpack process to convert SCSS to CSS and bundle all resources. Until now I have been doing it by manually running npx webpack --mode=development. There is a better way - webpack can observe the source files and do it's job automatically.


Tutorial for webpack 4 - part 09 - external CSS library (Bootstrap)

webpackWould you like to use Bootstrap but you do not know how to force webpack to bundle it? This part of the tutorial for webpack describes how to add any external CSS library to a project with webpack.


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