Docker in AWS - EKS vs ECS

Docker in AWS - EKS vs ECSEKS vs ECS

When looking at a list of services in AWS, you can easily be impressed by how many of them there are. There seem to be options for everything that is more or less standard. On the other hand, if you are new to the Amazon cloud, it is even overwhelming, and you consider hiring a certified AWS professional. There is more than one option even for running a simple Docker image. In this article, I explain your options and how to choose between them.

Small static website on AWS

Small static website hosting on AWS - Amplify vs S3

Small static website hosting on AWS - Amplify vs S3Small static website on AWS vs S3

A few years ago hosting a static website on AWS was easy. You knew that you should use S3 for storing the files, expose it to the internet, do some other actions and it is done. Now, AWS Amplify comes to the picture. Not as an alternative but even as a default solution. Most of new AWS tutorials that show how to host a static website, do that using AWS Amplify. Is it worth doing that? Is it expensive?

How to point domain to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

route53You have a web application deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You even own a cool domain bought for a super special price. It seems like you have all you need to make it working together but for some reasons the domain registrant does not allow you to point the domain to AWS EBS URL. They want you to use IP address instead.


GitLab CI/CD deployment to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

successGitLab CI/CD is a strong competition to other Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or TeamCity. Besides using GitLab for managing your repository and GitLab CI/CD for running automated tests, you can do deployment to AWS EBS with GitLab as well.



Deployment of two applications on one AWS Elastic Beanstalk container

deployment smallI know it seems weird to deploy two applications on one AWS EBS but there are really such cases when you might want to do that. I wanted and I succeeded. See how.



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