Agenda Timer 1.1 released

Agenda Timer 1.1 released

timerAgenda Timer 1.1 has just been released. If you missed a possibility to save your agenda, it is added now. Agenda Timer URL contains a parameter that remembers the schedule you create. All is in the URL so you can save it for the future usage or send it to your friend.

Agenda Timer 1.0 released

timerI am pleased to announce the first release of Agenda Timer. It is a small web application that helps conducting a time-boxed meetings and any other activities that have schedules. Its main role is to make meeting organizers and presenters easier. I know how hard sticking to a planned time and schedule can be difficult. This tool is here to help. This article describes its current functionality. Obviously, it is not the last version. I already have some ideas to improve it and make it more universal and easier to use.

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