Caffeine cache

Cache in Spring Boot 3 application

Generate SQL script from Liquibase changelog fileupgrade SQL script

Adding cache to a Spring Boot 3 application is very quick and easy. It is a matter of choosing one of a few supported cache managers and putting relevant annotations to proper places in the code. Caffeine cache is one of the options.


large file in REST

Large files in REST API

Besides exchanging JSON objects in a request or a response body, REST API can also use files. Doing so is not a big deal when the files are small. Things get a little bit more complicated when we have to respond with a big file. No one wants to keep in memory a few hundred megabytes of data waiting on the client to slowly download it. It must be streamed.


send file via REST

Send file with REST API

Besides working on JSON objects, Spring Boot application can also make files available for downloading via REST API. We can build an application that exposes endpoints that can be used to download raw files, images, CSV files etc. We are not only limited to well-defined objects serialized to a JSON format. See how to do that.


join String array Java

Join string array in Java - performance

One of the most common programmatic tasks in Java is to join String array to a single String. It might be useful for logging an array content, or to build an SQL query, or for many more reasons. The point is - there is no single convenient solution supported by the language, but there are many options to concatenate multiple Strings into one. In this post, I will show you a few such options and I will execute simple performance tests to compare their efficiencies.

Google joins Adoptium

Google joins Eclipse Adoptium Working Group

In October 2022, Google announced joining Eclipse Adoptium Working Group. It is a significant step forward for Adoptium. That move will definitely increase popularity of Eclipse Temurin JDK as one of many Java Development Kit distributions.


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