Liquibase Hub sunset

Liquibase shuts down Hub in favor of database Observability feature

Liquibase shuts down Hub in favor of database Observability featureLiquibase Hub Sunset

After a few years of promoting Liquibase Hub, it is officially shutting down. Apparently, it wasn't so broadly used as it had been expected. If you haven't started to use it, yet, now you don't have to. If you have, you can consider moving to the database Observability feature. Unfortunately, it is available in Liquibase Pro.



April 2023 is the month when Liquibase announced Hub sunset. Hub was a central place where information for analysis, real-time monitoring, and insights about database upgrades. When you joined it and integrated your project with it, information about all db upgrades went there, which could help the whole team to be on the same page regarding the current state and version of the databases. Of course, one of the main questions was "Is it wise to share such internal data with an external system?". Liquibase assured that is safe and secure, authorization was made by API key.

Now, if you go to the Hub's main page, you will see:

hub sunset

That is in line with the official Liquibase statement:

Based on feedback from our community, and after monitoring usage and interest, we’ve decided that it’s the right time to sunset Liquibase Hub and shift our focus towards other, more highly-requested upgrades.

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Later, the Liquibase team suggests considering moving to the Observability feature from Liquibase Pro. Observability is enhanced logging, which replaces the old textual Liqubase upgrade logs with parsable JSON objects. They can be consumed by various product-ready or custom monitoring tools and also provide a good monitoring and overview of the current state.

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