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European Union obliged us (EU websites owners) to provide you some information. Important is that we have never gathered or processed your personal information and we still do not. But as majority of modern websites we use cookies and we would like to tell you a little more about them.

What are cookies

Cookies are files stored on your disk inside your computer by an internet browser when you visit some websites. They contain randomly generated unique identifiers, anonymous information about your activity on the website and preferences.

Cookies usually do not contain information that allow to track you down. This data is anonymous.

Cookies may be of varios types:

  • sessional - they live as long as you are on the website
  • persistent - they are on your disk for a specific amount of time e.g. 30 days


We use cookies on our websites to:

  • enhance our service by gathering statistical data about your activity on our websites - which page you visit, for how long and what time,
  • displaying advertisements that match your preferences and/or interests (behavioural advertisement),
  • make your next visit easier by remembering your choices like accepting usage of cookies

Third party cookies

As we use Google AdSense and Google Analytics on our website, our partner (Google) is using information how you interact with our website to customize and adjust advertisement's content for you personal preferences.

For more information how Google uses cookies check Google's privacy policy.

Your rights

You have full rights to request access to this information, to update it, to delete it or to restrict processing it. However, remember that not in all cases it might be possible to fulfil your request in regard information stored in cookies.

For more information, check our privacy policy.

You can disable cookies in your browser by following steps that depend on the browser you use - Managing cookies in your browser. Cookies can be disabled just on our websites by clicking I decline in this message window. However, keep in mind that some functionality may not work properly from technical reasons after you disable cookies for example we will not be able to present you videos from Youtube, show you social media buttons, display personalised advertisements.

Once you make a decision about cookies, you can change it whenever you want by enabling cookies in your browser or clicking Remove cookies or Reconsider cookies buttons on our websites.

More information

Our terms of service and data privacy policy

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