Full-stack dev quiz question #69

Full-stack dev quiz question #69quiz

Last week, I published an article about Hazelcast. Have you read it? Check the sixty-ninth question of full-stack dev quiz to see if you got it right.

Which sentence about Hazelcast is incorrect?

Choose the best answer.

  1. Hazelcast is a distributed caching solution that helps improve performance.
  2. Spring Boot 3 has built-in support for Hazelcast.
  3. Hazelcast can be configured as an embedded cache.
  4. Hazelcast is responsible for managing the frontend user interface.
  5. Hazelcast allows configuring time-to-live for cache elements.

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The correct answer is: d. If you want to read more, check the Spring Boot 3 with Hazelcast 5 cache article.

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