Full-stack dev quiz question #67

Full-stack dev quiz question #67quiz

Pre-caching is a little less popular than its more famous brother on-demand caching, but still important. Check the sixty-seventh question of full-stack dev quiz to check, if you know what pre-caching actually is.

What actually is pre-caching?

Choose all correct sentences.

  1. Pre-caching generally reduces maximum response time compared to on-demand caching.
  2. Pre-caching doesn't make sense in combination with distributed cache.
  3. Pre-caching is a well-known anti-pattern.
  4. Pre-caching generates cached values before they are actually requested.
  5. Pre-caching may unnecessarily cache values, that will never be requested.
  6. Pre-caching is worse than on-demand caching because the average response time is generally longer.

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The correct answers are: a, d, e. If you want to read more, check the Caching possibilities article.

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