Views and visitors in 2018

Views and visitors in 2018

chart smallLast year I published some statistics for Hundreds of people viewed it so there was some interest in it. It was also a chance for me to see how it looked in 2017. Both reasons convinced me to gather similar statisics for 2018. Join me in taking a closer look at it.


New content

28 posts have been published in 2018 which are:

  • 11 full stack dev quiz questions,
  • 17 articles including 1 Youtube video on my channel.

Currently, there are almost 200 articles in total and 15 videos on Youtube.



According to Google Analytics pages were visited 60,526 times in 2018. The drop before the middle of the year visible on the chart is probably a result of EU GDPR law when I allowed to disable cookies on this website. Some users used it so the number of logged visits is lower than the real one.


My Youtube videos were watched 47,500 times.



44,900 users visited



Top content

Pages that were the most often visited in 2018 are:

Page Visits in 2018
ORDER BY and NULLS LAST in SQL Server 8,962
Remove a disk from ASM diskgroup online 7,263
Full-Text Search with PDF documents in SQL Server 2014 3,908
New pagination method in Oracle 12c - OFFSET ... FETCH ... 3,347
Using tags in RMAN 2,972
Who is connected to my Oracle database 1,437
Home page 1,269
Create a new diskgroup in ASM 1,168
Loading all files from directory to table 1,144


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